Today in New York: a mini-web series


Today in New York is a mini-web series that tells the dark, sometimes comical, sometimes pitiful tale of one young woman's first and last day living in New York City. 


Today in New York - Episode 1

A woman's first morning in New York City starts with whimsy and quickly takes a turn for the worse.


Today in New York - Episode 2

Lost in midtown Manhattan, our newcomer steps up to the plate to help a stranger in need.


Today in New York - Episode 3

Our newcomer must navigate Spanish Harlem to find the only Target in the city, her phone dies and it all goes downhill from there.


Today in New York - Episode 4

Our newcomer is lost on her way home from Target. Not sure what train to take, she decides to trust a friendly older New Yorker to point her in the right direction.


Today in New York - Episode 5

Our newcomer is a bit crestfallen after a very long first day in the city. In a last ditch effort to save her day, she decides to take a yoga class. Will she finally find peace in NYC?